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Concept drawing of proposed Permanent Supportive Housing Project


Since 2014, Guelph-Wellington has been working to ensure everyone has a safe and affordable place to call home. Local agencies, businesses and citizens are working together to find permanent homes throughout Guelph-Wellington for approximately 150 people who are homeless. Thanks to strong partnerships and support, that goal is within reach!

In Guelph’s Willow Road area, we plan to build supportive housing for approximately 30 people. Our project will be one of several “permanent supportive housing” solutions across Guelph-Wellington. Skyline Group of Companies plans to generously donate the land for this project.

About Kindle’s Supportive Housing project

Our three project partners – Guelph Community Health Centre Kindle Communities and Skyline Group of Companies -- are proud, active members of the Willow Road area. We already deliver services, housing, and supports that benefit our community members. Together, we are committed to ensuring this project is a success.

To follow along on our progress, or to ask questions that you don't see addressed below, please get in touch. 519-824-2410 ex. 4612   





Guelphs CHC

Kindle Communties

Skyline Skydev

Frequently Asked Questions

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) is an evidenced-based and cost-effective solution for people who are chronically homeless and/or highly vulnerable. They may face additional challenges or long-term disabilities such as mental illnesses, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, substance use disorders or chronic health conditions.   

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  • Leases are held by tenants without limits on length of stay
  • There is an option for rental assistance linked to each unit, such as a rent supplement, with access to individualized, flexible and voluntary supports to address needs and maintain housing stability.
  • On-site staff and can be accessed 24 hours/7 days a week
  • Housing design includes independent units with common spaces that are in one home or building

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Kindle’s Supportive Housing project will provide permanent, supported homes for folks in our community who are experiencing homelessness. There are approximately 150 people who need homes right now, and every single one of them is known to local agencies working across our community. Everyone deserves a safe, affordable place to call home.

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Every resident of the Kindle Supportive Housing Project will have unique needs. Whether a resident is experiencing a mental health issue and/or a physical disability, they will be supported by the many wraparound health services offered by the Guelph CHC and partners, who will tailor individual support teams to meet these needs.

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Kindle Communities is currently in the pre-development stage, and we are grateful for the support of SkyDev, part of the Skyline Group of Companies, for its donation of development management services for this project. There will be opportunity for community consult during the development process. Kindle submitted a proposal for Seed Funding with CMHC (Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation) to support expenses related to pre-development.

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This is one of many projects across our City that will provide this type of housing. All three of our partner organizations – Guelph CHC, Kindle Communities and Skyline – are proud, active members of the Willow Road area. Together, we are committed to ensuring this project is a success. We know this area is a vibrant, supportive neighbourhood where many supports are already located, and we are committed to being good neighbours.

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We anticipate a full traffic and parking study that considers both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The Onward Willow neighbourhood is active, and there are some well-used footpaths connecting surrounding buildings to the Shelldale Centre. We want to ensure these are incorporated into the design so our neighbours can safely and easily assess their homes and surrounding services.

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 When the building is ready to open, we expect to use the "By-Name List" as a tool for tenant admission. A By-Name List is a list of all the people experiencing homelessness in our community. Currently, there are approximately 150 people in Guelph-Wellington on this list. As a non-profit landlord, Kindle Communities has committed to making sure the rent for this building will be well below market rates. Everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to call home. 

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Supportive housing is governed by the same planning laws and regulations as every other development. In the case of this project, there is a need for a zoning change and Official Plan amendment. We encourage you to find additional resources on the City of Guelph planning and development website.      

UPDATED: February 8th, 2021 - Planning Meeting and information on how to delegate 



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