Become a Tenant

  • Applications for tenancy at the Flanders building is currently closed.
  • Application for tenancy at the new Willow Rd. building will open on….and can be accessed by…
  • Interested in becoming a long-term tenant at the Shelldale Centre? See below!

Kindle ensures that all long-term Shelldale Centre tenants are registered social service charities, to create a convenient co-location of services for the local community.

Support provided by Kindle: To help facilitate the delivery of programs by our tenant charities, Kindle provides them with long-term below market value leases. Kindle also provides some support services to these tenants, such as:

  • Hosting tenant meetings to ensure all tenants are included in the decision making for the operations of the Shelldale Centre
  • Organizing programs and events on-site, open to tenants and the population in general to facilitate community building and access (such as vaccine clinics).
  • Maintenance of common space (such as the gym and kitchen) and common space booking.
  • Maintenance of the property in general including cleaning, security, reception, WIFI and phone services.
  • Monitoring all aspects of the building and plan for life cycling of equipment and infrastructure to ensure the building meets all health and safety, accessibility and tenant/community standards.

Contact us for current rates and availability.

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